Team Liquid defeats W7M Esports and wins the America's Elite Six Cup

Horses takes the second trophy of the continental tournament and 135 thousand reais in prizes

Team Liquid conquered the Copa Elite Six da América for the second time, to “Libertadores do R6”. In the grand finale, which took place this Sunday (1), Cavalaria defeated W7M Esports by 2-0 in a series played in the best of three maps, winning the competition trophy and 135 thousand reais in prize money. Year all, or championship distributed R$ 270 thousand.

As in 2021, the Copa Elite Six da América will have more two editions during the season, always at the end of each shift in Brasileirão, with the presence of the four best placed on the table of the national competition and worth slots for the next editions of Six Major .

Disputed in a new format, or title won by Liquid beirou to perfection. Cavalaria lost just one map in the entire tournament, precisely against W7M, in the decision of the top key. Led by Luccas “Paluh”, MVP at the end, TL dominated his actions for most of his commitments.

The team premiered against the Mexicans of the Alpha Team, winning by 2 to 0. In the next phase, they faced Team oNe and repeated the previous score, a result that is guaranteed for the Six Major Charlotte and for two winners at the end of the key. In this decision, Cavalaria had the first confrontation against W7M for the Elite Six Cup and beat the Bulls 2-1.

With a similar campaign, at W7M you have a longer road to reach the end. Gabriel “Volpz”'s first match of the time was against Argentina's Furious Gaming, with a 2-0 win. In the next phase, the Bulls will face off against Brazilian FURIA Esports and will win with the same score in the first match. After losing to Cavalaria at the end of the key two winners, the Bulls will face FURIA again for the playoffs and will prove their ability to react to get another 2-0 and better place in the decision.

As expected, the Grand Final between Team Liquid and W7M Esports came quite close. No Arranha-Céu map, first of the series, Liquid was up against, but saw W7M finish at the first goal of the game with an advantage of 4 to 2. In exchange of sides, Team Liquid showed a fairly solid defense - highlight for A spectacular clutch of Gabriel “Ask” - even losing more than one round, he made the first map in 7 to 5 and opened 1 to 0 in the series.

In the second map of the series, Cavalaria achieved a greater domain, with strong collective work on the Clube map. With 7 to 4 not tackling, Team Liquid won the Copa Elite Six da América for the second time, after winning the title also in the first edition of 2021.

As well as his first conquest, Luccas “Paluh” received the award for best player in the final, being Liquid's fundamental sin throughout the campaign.


All the games of the first edition of the Copa Elite Six da América will be broadcast on the official channels of Rainbow Six Esports Brasil on Twitch and not[ YouTube](https:// The tournament also has new features as Watch Parties, official broadcasts of the tournament made by content creators selected by Ubisoft.


Team Liquid - Campeão:\ R$ 135.000 (US$ 25.000)

W7M Esports - Vice-campeão:\ R$ 43.200 (US$ 8.000)

FURIA Esports - 3º:\ R$27.000 (US$5.000)

Team oNe - 4º:\ R$16.200 (US$3.000)

Pampas e Furious Gaming - 5º e 6º:\ R$13.500 (US$2.500)

Alpha Team e Six Karma - 7º e 8º:\ R$10.800 (US$2.000)

Total:\ R$280.800 (US$ 50 mil)