Second stage of the Rainbow Six Siege Women's Circuit 2022 starts this Monday

Eight teams are vying for the title of the edition; tournament distributes places in the Copa do Brasil and total prize pool of R$ 300 thousand

The second of the five stages of the Rainbow Six Siege Women's Circuit 2022 starts this Monday (9). In the first, the winner was B.Asqueras - current W7M Esports - who beat 4Dreams Sports and took the title. With a total prize pool of BRL 300,000, the tournament is broadcast on the official channels of Rainbow Six Esports Brasil.

Divided into two groups with four participants in each, the teams play for points and the top two teams advance to the semifinals. Matches will be in MD1 (best of a map) during group stage matches.

Due to the campaigns carried out in the first stage of CF 2022, 4Dreams eSports, Black Dragons, Fenix ​​Esports and W7M Esports guaranteed their presence in the tournament. For the GirlsOnSix qualifier, a project that produces content and publishes updates on the female scene of Rainbow Six Siege, Parabellum Esport and TropiCaos secured their places. The remaining two spots will be defined in Ubisoft's open qualifier, which takes place this weekend.

As defined in the regulations, the two best campaigns of each group qualify for the semifinals, which will take place in MD3, as well as the decision of the stage. The champion team of each stage guarantees R$ 15 thousand and, in the case of this second edition, qualifies for the triangular that will give a place to a women's team in the next Rainbow Six Siege 2022 Copa do Brasil.

In the next stages, the system remains the same, with two qualifiers: one promoted by Ubisoft and the other by GirlsOnSix. Each of them distributes two spots and, in addition to these classified, the four best placed from the previous stage of CF 2022, that is, those who went to the playoffs, also guarantee participation in the next stage.

At the end of the five stages - which will take place between March and August - the four best placed in the general ranking advance to the final stage of the tournament, scheduled for November. In the semifinals, the clashes will be played in MD3, with the grand final in a long-awaited clash in MD5.

The competition that aims to encourage and serve as a stage to show the talent of Brazilian R6 players is in its fifth edition. In the first four, Team Fontt, Black Dragons, FURY and Red Wolf were the champions.

Check the dates of the Women's Circuit 2022 below:

Step 1: March 19th to 25th

Stage 2: May 9th to 13th

Step 3: June 13th to June 17th

Step 4: July 11th to July 15th

Step 5: August 8th to August 12th

Final Phase: November 5th and 6th

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See the games of the second stage of the Women's Circuit 2022:\

Day 1 - 05/09, from 19:00 (MD1)

Game 1 - Group Stage

Game 2 - Group Stage

Game 3 - Group Stage

Game 4 - Group Stage

Day 2 - 10/05, from 19:00 (MD1)

Game 5 - Group Stage

Game 6 - Group Stage

Game 7 - Group Stage

Game 8 - Group Stage

Day 3 - 05/11, from 7pm (MD1)

Game 9 - Group Stage

Game 10 - Group Stage

Game 11 - Group Stage

Game 12 - Group Stage

Day 4 - 12/05, from 19:00 (MD3)

Game 13 - Semifinal 1

Game 14 - Semifinal 2

Day 5 - 05/13, from 7pm (MD3)

Game 15 - Grand Final