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BR6 2022: Stage 2 schedule, games and teams

Check out the main information about the second round of the Brazilian Rainbow Six Siege championship

Stage 2 of the Rainbow Six Brasileirão (BR6) asks for a ticket here at ge. Between June 18th and July 10th, the ten participating teams enter the dispute to add points in the general classification of the Ubisoft FPS national championship, in addition to the first four spots for the Elite Six Cup, considered "the Libertadores of R6" .

In this article, check out the main information and highlights about the 2022 BR6 second round. The matches will all be broadcast through the official channels of Rainbow Six Esports Brasil, on YouTube and on Twitch.


The competition will follow the same format as the first round. There will be, in all, four weeks of matches between the teams facing each other in a best of one (MD1) game. In the first three, games are held on Saturdays and Sundays, always with the first game at 1:00 pm (Brasilia time). On Wednesday, there will be a "super week", with clashes on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

As for the distribution of points for the leaderboard, the dynamics remain the same: for each victory in regulation time, the team earns three points. In case of victory in overtime, two points. For those who lose in extra time, a point will be awarded, while a loss in normal time will not give points.

Game schedule

week 1

Saturday (18/06)

  • w7m esports 4 x 7 FaZe Clan
    • Chalet
  • Ninjas in Pajamas 3 x 7 Team Liquid
    • Bench
  • INTZ 4 x 7 Black Dragons
    • Skyscraper
  • Team oNe 7 x 3 00 Nation - Club
  • MIBR 4 x 7 FURIA
    • Theme Park

Sunday (19/06)

  • 1pm - Team oNe x INTZ
  • w7m esports x FURIA
  • MIBR x Ninjas in Pajamas
  • Team Liquid vs Black Dragons
  • FaZe Clan x 00 Nation

week 2

Saturday (25/06)

  • 1pm - w7m esports x MIBR
  • Ninjas in Pajamas x 00 Nation
  • FaZe Clan x Black Dragons
  • Team oNe x FURIA
  • Team Liquid x INTZ

Sunday (26/06)

  • 1pm - MIBR x Black Dragons
  • Team oNe x FaZe Clan
  • w7m esports x Team Liquid
  • FURIA x 00 Nation
  • Ninjas in Pajamas x INTZ

week 3

Saturday (07/02)

  • 1pm - w7m esports x Black Dragons
  • Team Liquid x FURIA
  • INTZ x 00 Nation
  • Ninjas in Pajamas x FaZe Clan
  • MIBR x Team oNe

Sunday (07/03)

  • 1pm - Team oNe x Team Liquid
  • Black Dragons x 00 Nation
  • FURIA x FaZe Clan
  • w7m esports x Ninjas in Pajamas

Week 4 (super week)

Friday (07/08)

  • 1pm - FURIA x Black Dragons
  • MIBR x Team Liquid
  • INTZ x FaZe Clan
  • w7m esports x 00 Nation
  • Team oNe x Ninjas in Pajamas

Saturday (7/9)

  • 1pm - MIBR x FaZe Clan
  • w7m esports x Team oNe
  • Ninjas in Pajamas x Black Dragons
  • Team Liquid x 00 Nation

Sunday (09/07)

  • 1pm - Ninjas in Pajamas x FURIA
  • Team oNe x Black Dragons
  • MIBR x 00 Nation
  • w7m esports x INTZ
  • Team Liquid x FURIA


The top four in the table earn a spot in the Elite Six Cup, a tournament that will feature four more teams from Latin America in search of qualification for the Six Major in August. The other teams, in turn, will enter the Copa do Brasil dispute in Stage 2.

Second round news

LAN clashes

After two years with the global pandemic of Covid-19, not only in Brazil but also around the world, the Brasileirão de R6 once again welcomes teams in face-to-face matches. The clashes will take place at Max Arena, where the championship broadcasts are carried out and which had been hosting the finals of the 2020 and 2021 editions, the latter being the only one with an audience present during the health epidemic. The last time the teams played a regular face-to-face meeting was in 2019, at Live Arena, located in Vila Leopoldina.

Teams with changes

Last placed in the first round, Ninjas in Pajamas made two changes to its lineup: Júlio "JULIO" leaves for the entry of Gustavo "Wizard" and Marcus "Sheepy" (the latter as the new head coach) in the Ninjas squad. The team, even, comes from a runner-up in the Copa do Brasil against 00 Nation and will try a "fresh start" in search of rehabilitation in the season.

Sep 29, 2022


With Stage 3 running its course, we are heading steadily towards the final stretch of Season 2022.